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Etc.’s Drone SIM Wins 2024 IoT Breakthrough Award for Industrial IoT Solution of the Year.

The IoT Breakthrough Awards has recognised the world’s best IoT companies, products, services and people since 2017. They honour excellence and recognise the innovation, creativity, hard work and success of IoT companies and technologies around the world. To be selected for an IoT Breakthrough Award is a massive achievement for any technology company.

This year IoT Breakthrough received 3,850 submissions, more than they have ever received before. Etc. is delighted to have won the award for Industrial IoT solution of the year for our Drone SIM, the first in the UK recognised for its technical and network capabilities. 

When entering our submission, we had one question to answer, ‘How Does Your Product or Company Break Through the Crowded IoT Industry?’

The Drone SIM is built to operate at altitude, enduring vibration, temperature and humidity extremes. Using BT Group’s EE network, the Drone SIM benefits from high priority and ultra responsive connectivity. This enables drone users to capture detailed survey quality imagery and video. Utilising the Drone SIM, uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs) can now fly further distances at their full capability whilst remaining in constant communication with remote pilots and systems.

Find out more about BT’s Drone SIM here.