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Stand out startup partners


Nimble. Innovative. Brave. Startups are all that and more. And so is our Partnership team at Etc.

We’re a partner with a difference, backed by a global tech company and powered by entrepreneurs, former startup founders and disruptors.

Our goal is simple – to clear the road so that you can focus on building your startup to be the best it can possibly be.

What we do

Unlock growth at pace

With our massive go-to-market scale, unrivalled customer reach and a deep understanding of the startup landscape, we’re a partner dedicated to unlocking growth, at pace.

Our unparalleled market reach extends to 180 countries and 1.2 million businesses, government departments, and organisations around the globe.

How we do it

smart ideas

We’re looking to connect with tech startups eager to accelerate, quickly. Talented entrepreneurs with game changing ideas who need the combination of major company backing and a truly agile approach to gain real-time traction.

We’re all after the same thing: to take bold new steps with cutting-edge products, disruptive technologies, and help scale smart ideas.

with us

We believe in action, not talk. Our startup partners each have an Etc. champion to help unleash the power of BT and protect them from corporate bureaucracy.

We don’t just open doors for startups, we walk through them with you.

Go further, faster. Partner with us.