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Etc. win “IoT Health & Wellness Product of the Year”

Etc. has won the “IoT Health & Wellness Product of the Year” for our digital healthtech solution.

We’ve seen first-hand the challenges faced across healthcare settings. Right now, there are over 7 million people waiting for care in the UK. And by 2024, that number is expected to rise to 10million. That’s why we’ve developed this solution; to help transform patient intake, monitoring and discharge, and empower patients with tools to manage conditions from home.

It has the potential to lower the amount of people in hospital, increase when they can go home, all whilst making sure they have access to a healthcare professional once they leave. Fantastic to be recognised by IoT Breakthrough, who are a leading market intelligence company that recognizes the top organizations, technologies and products in the global IoT market today.

Congratulations to our amazing Etc HealhTech team for their passion, hard work and commitment in making this a reality. And to IoT Breakthrough for the award.

More to come on this!