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Steve Wiley

Active Intelligence Director, Etc.

The power of insight to transform our cities

City planners are always at a crossroads. The decisions they make can have huge consequences for the local community: one policy change, building block or public transport investment can either help locals to thrive, or send costs spiralling. This means that local authorities need data to help them make informed decisions — but until now, they’ve often been forced to use expensive, time-consuming or unreliable methods for collecting the relevant information.

That’s where Active Intelligence solutions comes in. Aggregated, anonymised mobile data is segmented and applied to help planners create more effective policies about road planning, public transport and living conditions. Our data can support the development of transport models by providing data on mobility patterns, enabling transport planners to test new developments, transport schemes, and strategies. And we can also develop congestion and pollution management strategies by analysing traffic flow patterns. Together, these insights can help inform and empower decision-makers, enabling them to understand key behaviour patterns and make informed decisions on their planning strategies.

The data provides a sample size far in excess of those gained via traditional data gathering methods, like surveys. At the same time, it provides greater context than methods like road sensors, which measure the amount of traffic, but not the car’s origin or destination. The data can also be utilised by policymakers in real time, allowing them to react to changing conditions at speed.

In the medium and long-term, these solutions will enable planners to create smarter cities in several ways. They can support the drive to net zero by creating efficient public transport routes as an alternative for drivers. They can make areas more attractive for movers by investing in regeneration projects. They can encourage people to develop more active lifestyles by creating better walking and cycling routes. And they can drive economic growth by making businesses easier and more desirable to access.

Many institutions are already benefiting from these solutions — including the Greater London Authority, who are using it to help unlock the potential of London’s high streets, and Transport for Wales, who are using our insights to help them create a high-quality, safe, integrated, affordable, and accessible transport network.

If you’re interested in finding out how our UK-leading data and insights can help transform your business get in touch today. Or if you’re visiting CES this year, meet the team at stand 219 in CES Unveiled or Pepcom. Alongside Active Intelligence, we’ll be discussing innovations across EV charging, healthtech, drones and beyond.